Our Retail Partner

At the centre of the world’s most loved destinations, lies a tremendous and thriving retail industry and this is what McARTHUR + COMPANY understands best. Retail is their core specialty and the company’s strength lies in the application of international best practices, combined with a thorough knowledge of local retail markets and shopping influences.

McARTHUR + COMPANY’s end-to-end approach meticulously covers each stage of the project, ranging from in-depth research and market analysis, to project design and development planning, along with a strong focus on key functions such as merchandising, marketing, financial services and management functions.

With 150 years of collective experience, and over 100 successful shopping centre projects worldwide, McARTHUR + COMPANY’s forte is creating impeccably planned, popular shopping destinations that not only offer state-of-the-art customer experience, but also with a clear focus on long-term financial growth.

“ We are proud of our collective experience working on over 100 excellent shopping centre projects in North Africa, the Middle East and Asia with the world’s leading developers. We proudly salute these properties and their owners for their dedication to excellence and innovation.”

— Phil McArthur (Founder & Managing Director)