The Shopping Tourism sector contributed 31.4% to overall tourism revenue of RM37.4 billion in 2015 with tourist arrivals at 25.7 million people. The average per capita tourist expenditure (shopping segment) rose 13% from RM796.85 last year to RM900 this year. Tourists from Singapore recorded the highest amount of spending (RM16.4B) in the first six months of this year, followed by Indonesia (RM4B), China (RM3.4B), Brunei (RM1.6B) and Thailand (RM1.6B)
Source: Revenue for shopping tourism rises by 17.1%Bernama, 6 Nov 2016

Projected Retail Tourism Growth

Perak continues to be one of the top destinations in Malaysia, with a registered tourist count of more than 5 million per year in previous years and growing. Shopping Projected Retail Tourism Growth expenditure is the second highest in tourist expenditure after hotel accommodation. In 2015 alone, Perak received around 2.6 million hotel guests.


The construction and development of MAPS – Movie Animation Park Studios (Asia’s first Animation Theme Park) in Meru, Ipoh approximately 20 minutes away plus the iconic development of Museum and Art Village of Dato’ Lat, Malaysia’s internationally known cartoonist, just next door to our development will definitely help spur and improve tourism arrivals as well as the overall retail shopping and leisure industry in the Greater Kinta Valley region of Perak.